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Stop wasting your money on ineffective throw-away paper filters. *
Get our Permanent Electrostatic filter and Breathe EZ!

Never buy another filter again. Just Rinse & Replace


After Duct Cleaning – We recommend using an Electrostatic Filter.


Arrestance 94%
Resistance 0.12
Frame Quality Excellent
UV Resistant Yes
MERV Rating 8
PRICE (+ tax) $125.00

*Cost Comparison: Avg paper filter cost’s approximately $7-10 and requires monthly replacement. Avg annual cost for throw-away paper filters = $84 - $120.

Filter Size Chart

1" Rigid Frame Filters - 41 Stock Sizes. (Electra Gold only available in 1")

8x24 12x12 14x14 15x20 16x16 18x18 19x27 21x21
12x20 14x20 15x25 16x20 18x20
10x10 12x24 14x24 16x24 18x24 20x20 24x24
10x20 12x25 14x25 16x25 18x25 20x24 24x30
10x24 12x30 14x30 16x30 18x30 20x25
10x30 12x36 16x32 18x36 20x30 25x25
16x16 20x32

2” Rigid Frame Filters - 14Stock Sizes.

10x20 14x20 15x20 24x24
12x20 14x25 16x20
12x24 14x30 16x25

Electra Gold Electrostatic Air Filter

UVC Max36 Air Purifying System

Dryer Vent Alarm

Permanent Electrostatic Air Filters – More Info

  • Cleaner air to breathe
  • No harmful ozone emissions
  • Reduces pollen, dust and airborne pollutants
  • Reasonably priced
  • Less housecleaning
  • Never needs replacing
  • Anti-microbial filter media
  • Lifetime warranty
  • High dust & particle holding capacity

Max 36 UV light – More Info.

The UVC Max 36 is safe and effective in helping to eliminate airborne allergens, bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, and more. It reduces odors by treating the air/furnace with UV sterilization all day.

  • Includes 1 UVC bulb
  • Allergy / Asthma relief
  • Low cost
  • Produces no ozone
  • 1 year warranty
  • 12,000 hours bulb life
  • Replacement bulbs available
  • 120 volt, with power cord

Size (unit without bulb): 6.5" x 2" x 4.5"
Weight: 2.86 lbs

Dryer Vent Alarm - More Info

The Dryer Vent Alarm accurately detects airflow restrictions due to lint buildup in the dryer vent and sounds an audible alarm when the airflow restriction meets a potentially dangerous level.

Installation is super easy and takes about 5 minutes in most cases. The Dryer Vent Alarm is the ultimate dryer vent safety device.